Lois  Libby  Juster


Lois' multi-dimensional healing has helped me move through seemingly insolvable life problems.  She has helped me delve into physical stuck places which are connected to emotional stuckness and heal them both-- amazing and wonderful!

--Sally, client for 6 years         


I've been in talk therapy for decades, and my therapist recommended I go see Lois to work on my issues in a new way.  All my therapy has been great and helpful, but with Lois I was able to work deeply, accessing my blocked feelings from deep in my body.  I've been able to make progress on issues that have kept me going in circles for years, and I'm finding a new freedom in expressing myself and developing a better relationship with myself.  Thank you, Lois!

--T.A., client for 2 1/2 years    


When I had my first appointment with Lois I had been diagnosed with depression and a bleeding ulcer. I had to spend a day a month in bed each month and had frequent migraines. I was in an abusive marriage. I had crippling stage fright and no place to call my own.

As a direct result of working with Lois I am free of the abusive relationship. I have a home of my own with a lovely garden. I own my own business and am a working professional musician. I have a completely clean bill of health with no monthly migraines, no bleeding ulcer and defiantly no depression! I am debt free (not including my mortgage) I have a deep connection with my friends and family and unlimited access to what I am becoming every day. I highly recommend Lois to anyone seeking access to the very best life available.

--M.M                        .


Working with Lois has changed my life in so many ways, such as  helping me deal with my depression.  Also my Vietnam experiences and my battle with cancer, just to list a few.








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