Lois  Libby  Juster


Create the Life You Love

“I have a commitment to the future, a world where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their lives in a way that’s meaningful to them.”   

  - Lois Libby Juster       

Lois Libby Juster is a pioneer in integrative healing with over 40 years of experience in 

  • integrative mind-body healing

  • soul-centered energy healing
  • sound and art therapy
  • transpersonal developmental psychology.



Transform Your Life

Integrative healing addresses the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects of healing.  The client and practitioner are partners in the healing process, which promotes a high level of well-being and creativity.  The work is profoundly transformational, grounding and life-changing.

Using her many years of experience along with a loving, supportive approach, Lois creates space for releasing the past, living in the present, and healing the heart…facilitating greater choice in life. 

Find out why doctors, psychiatrists, therapists and practitioners tell their clients to--

 “Go See Lois"

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