Lois  Libby  Juster


Lois Libby Juster, MSW, began her career as a community organizer, social worker, psychotherapist, and yoga teacher.  Now, with over 45 years of experience in energy work, integrative therapy, mind-body healing, consciousness and transpersonal developmental psychology, she is recognized as a pioneer by her peers.

Lois received her BA in Education, Social Work and Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota in 1973, and a Master of Social Work (MSW) there in 1976.  In 1974, she became a certified yoga instructor, with certification in meditation, mantra yoga, hatha yoga and breathwork.  She has studied with traditional healers around the globe-- Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, India and Thailand.  Her work is informed by her background in psychotherapy, intuition, and Eastern and Western healing philosophies.

As a therapist for many years, she was one of the founders of the Psychosynthesis Institute of MinnesotaShe is also involved in hospice work, which she describes as an “honor and a privilege.”

Lois' global perspective is further demonstrated in her volunteer work and philanthropy.  In 2008 she traveled to Mongolia for the first time and became aware of the need for better education options for low income children.  She worked with others to develop and fund a kindergarten for children in poverty there.  

She has worked with Advocates for Human Rights, Minneapolis and their Women's Rights Program and their Education Program.  In 2008, she traveled to Nepal to study the progress of a school funded and established by the organization.   

In 2013 - 2014, Lois was a fellow at the University of Minnesota Buckman Fellowship for Leadership in Philanthropy.  She is collaborating on a book on WellALLogy™.


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Among her clients, Lois is known as a guide who directs and supports them through the transformational moments toward healing.  


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